Our 3PL logistics service model allows companies in all industries that do not have the necessary infrastructure to improve their supply chain capabilities and eliminates the need to invest in their own resources for warehousing, order picking and distribution. of products, which saves costs and increases productivity that translates into increased profits. We have the ability to adapt to multiple business strategies, in which each client indicates the type of product rotation according to their own priorities; in addition to offering technological solutions to companies that consider supply chain software, processes and technology to be essential for market leadership.

In order to execute this process, the company must be aware of the importance of good management of its supply chain, it must implement guidelines that can increase the speed of operations and fully understand the necessary steps for our processes:

  • Optimize the resources of the entire logistics distribution chain in a collaborative environment.
  • Take advantage of the integration potential offered by the new information and communication technologies.
  • Anticipate or correct unforeseen events in the processes involved.
  • Reduce logistics costs.
  • Minimize the global ecological impact of logistics activity.
  • Respond to new customer service and care needs.
  • Expand operations to new markets in a sustainable way.

We are the only logistics provider with its own facilities in the Colon Free Zone and Colon Logistics Park, with a warehouse area of more than 100,000 m2 to expand the client's operations


Our privileged location allows us to achieve the delivery of your products on time and in optimal conditions, ideal for your logistics operation in Latin America.


We implement advanced technological solutions to manage the storage and transportation of your merchandise, always seeking to give our service greater competitiveness


We can offer sea, air or land transport from anywhere in the world, planning the supply of your markets according to your needs and where you require it. With the largest availability of square meters in the Free Zone and with a highly trained staff, Global Cargo can dispatch your orders in the shortest possible time to the region or the world.


  • We offer several and flexible ways to bill logistics service
  • Warehouse at Mays Colon and Colon Logistics Park have warehouse area with more than 100,000 sqm to expand customer`s operations to support supply LATAM


  • No minimum annual billing for logistics services and flexibility to give credit for payment services
  • Customers does its import and export by using our operating license for more than one year.
  • We are experts to lead you to obtain operating permits at Colon Free zone


  • CCTV surveillance
  • Fenced warehouses
  • Access control
  • Security team in house
  • Own fire prevention system with sprinklers, smoke detector alarm, hydrants, reserve of water to prevent fire 75,000 galons


  • We are a Panamanian company without any American or European intervention.
  • Global Cargo has a solid finance background which offers a reliable business case to global customers
  • Global Cargo handles a direct communication with customers to reach a service level agreement to secure win to win conditions
  • All our customer are treated with same priority


  • The characteristics of our all-in infrastructure and in-house IT give us the advantage for implementing your project in a comprehensive manner in a period of no more than 45 business days for infrastructure once we have all the information and specifications of your product and 60 days for EDI


  • We have at your immediate availability Manhattan WMS that has ability to give the client real-time visibility of the status of their orders, inventory and access to our platform through the TPM module.
  • The IT team is within our organization ready at any time to dialogue with its customer IT team about interfaces and configuration

¿Are you looking for competitiveness and logistics in Latin America?

Warehouse Storage and Distribution

Global Cargo warehousing and distribution services are in line with the supply chain of our customers.

Our spacious distribution center allows us to offer dedicated or shared spaces.

We have modern Material Handling Equipment for fast and efficient handling of your cargo. All the management of our warehuse is automated and carried out through world-class WMS.

Our Systems allow us to integrate with our clients so that they are part of the daily operations and thus achieve greater agility in them.

Merchandise Receiving

  • We carry out the integral cycle of receipt of your merchandise according to the corresponding business sector.
  • For the peace of mind of our clients we deliver the corresponding reports in each billing for their claims.
  • 24 hours to have your merchandise available for sale.

Order Picking and Dispatch

Our institutions are prepared to meet the expectations of clients from different industries and channels.

  • Order Segregation for retail sale
  • Order Segregation for the sale of wholesalers
  • E-commerce

We dispatch your merchandise in 24 hours. However, we understand that emergencies exist, for this we have our «Express Service».

Tailor made proyects

  • Our clients require Special or Seasonal Projects that do not necessarily fit the current business model.
  • We become your strategic partner and design tailored solutions according to the sector and the client’s requirements.
  • We take care of customizing each project with efficient process flows that represent an attractive cost for our clients.

Inventory management

  • Thanks to our information systems, the traceability of your products will be available at all times, allowing optimal inventory management and decision-making in real time.
  • We offer additional services such as cyclical inventories, creation of special references or any other adaptation to your products necessary for the demand of your customers.

Transporte Internacional de Carga

We move your cargo from and anywhere in the world, thus guaranteeing reliability, speed and the best possible costs for the transport of your cargo.

To achieve this, it is necessary to take into account that the success of the operation will depend on:

  • Physical protection of the merchandise so that it can withstand the aggressions that it may experience during transport, in its various phases of handling, stowage, transfer or storage.
  • Correct use of transport vehicles, effectively taking advantage of their characteristics depending on the merchandise and the trip.
  • Loyal fulfillment of the acquisition and transfer commitments by both parties.

Maritime cargo

  • Import and export
  • LCL, FCL.
  • Weekly consolidated from: Miami, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
  • Mail Box Service (GCP Box)

Air Cargo

  • Import and export
  • Mail box Service(GCP Box)
  • Courier
  • Charters

Long Haul Trucking

  • Full Trailers (FTL) to Central America: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras.
  • Loose Cargo (LTL) to Central America Costa Rica: Nicaragua, Honduras.

Custom Clearance

Our highly qualified and specialized staff provides speedy processes, our solutions include a comprehensive customs clearance service at all points; We prepare the customs declarations of your imports and exports in the national territory, in addition to carrying out the procedures for special imports.

Not only will you be informed of the current status of your merchandise, but you will also be able to show you a history of compliance with delivery times and evaluate the participation of all those involved in the process. Our services include:

  • Customs Broker
  • DDP
  • Impor Duty Clearance
  • Local deliveries

Container Freight Station (Cross Dock Service)

Warehouse Service in France Field for Buyers Consolidiation Service for export. We offer services to Freight Forwarders to unload or load consol boxes.

  • Manhattan Associates
  • Access to inventory via web
  • Wireless Order Fulfillment Job Assigmnts (Handheld Scanners)
  • Full Carton Picking, Picking by Unit, Fulfillment for eCommerce
  • Temperature controlled area for Garments, Footwear and Cosmetics.
  • License to handle Foodstuff, Liquors and Tobacco Products.
  • Solutions for Automotive, Fashion, Appliances, Consumer Electronics, foodstuff, liquor, tobacco.
  • Labelin
  • Thermo-printing
  • Sewing

Added value services

Our value-added services range from very basic solutions to more complex modules. We are aware that the current market demands additional services that go beyond a traditional shipment.

We seek to comply with the current demands of the markets, adapting the inventory of each client according to the required model.

  • Labeling: Thermo printed and sewing
  • Stitching
  • Repacking – Kitting
  • Assembly lines
  • Product improvement
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