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Privileged geographical position.

The connectivity of the Panama Canal allows a more economic and efficient system, with more than 140 maritime routes that connect more than 80 countries and the Hub of the Americas that connects the country with the whole world through the air.

The main commercial routes that use the Panama Canal are those from the East Coast of the United States to the Far East, from the East Coast of the United States to the West Coast of South America, and from Europe to the West Coast of the United States and Canada..

Latin America´s Logistic HUB

  • 33% of the country's GDP is related to the logistics area.
  • Expansion of the Panama Canal. Potential growth of traffic
  • Larger ports in Latin America with more than 7 million TEUs per year.
  • The highest connectivity and logistic performance index in LATAM according to the United Nations.
  • Highways for road services to Central America and locally.
  • Multimodal connectivity between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean (Railroad, highway, canal)
  • HUB International Airport for passengers and cargo with more than 80 direct flights.
  • Free Trade Zone in both oceans, Colón and Panamá Pacífico.

Multimodal Logistic Platform.

A logistics platform is the combination of infrastructures, technologies, processes, regulations and human capital that make possible the movement, transformation and storage of products. Much of the logistics platform in Panama has been developed to support international trade.
Panama has a set of logistic components that have worked organically in a coordinated system for over a century. These components include ports, airports, special economic zones and an interconnection network that includes major roads such as Carretera Transístmica and La Panamericana, corridors and highways, which are well intertwined making the country an important hub for regional and international trade
The geographical location of Panama, together with the expansion and continuous development of large infrastructures, motivate both nationals and foreigners to see the country as a large center with potential for distribution to the markets of the United States, Canada and Latin America.

World Trade Logistic Hub.

Our geographical position, located in the center of the American continent, with access by land, sea and air, with a tropical climate all year round, free of natural disasters, with an open service economy, trained human resources, dollarized economy, the center international financial, world-class logistics platform and economic, political and social stability, make Panama the ideal place to do business in the region.


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