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Welcome to Global Cargo Panama.

Our company is a leader in providing logistics solutions for companies around the world, we have highly trained personnel in the handling of your merchandise and we offer you the largest storage space at the best cost in the Colon Free Zone.

Our service is adapted to the needs of each one of our clients and we offer advice to optimize the logistics of your business.

Edwin Chen - General Manager


Satisfy the needs of logistical support, demanded by the industry, offering innovative technologies, highly competent and proactive human resources, and developing efficient practices that guarantee compliance with high quality standards, to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.)

Why us?

  • We have the best technical and human team to provide the best comprehensive logistics solution for your business.
  • To have a distribution center in the Colon Free Zone with the largest amount of storage space and the best cost.
  • WMS world class for operations without errors and with best practices.
  • We have high definition surveillance cameras.
  • Storage area for products that need controlled temperature.
  • Because more than your supplier, we want to be a strategic partner of your business.

We have an operation around the world

We can offer maritime, air or land transportation from anywhere in the world, planning the supply of your markets according to your needs and where you require it.
With the largest available square meters of the Free Zone and with a highly trained staff, Global Cargo can dispatch your orders in the shortest possible time to the region or the world.


Call: (507) 433-9955
Email: gerencia@globalcargo.com.pa

8th Street, 2nd Avenue, France Field
Colon City, Republic of Panama.